5-Step Thigh and Love Handle Workout


Too much fat in your lower body and core can make you feel embarrassed about how you look, and being overweight can put you at risk for several health issues.
A muffin-top is the fat that hangs over the waistline of your skirt or pants. Your spare tire is a component of several muscles we call the core. It’s what joins your body’s lower and upper areas. The side stomach fat layers are called “love handles”.

To shape your stomach and muffin top, you must work out your core muscles, particularly these ‘love handles’.
K’s Perfect Fitness TV  developed an outstanding 5-step workout that isolates the love handles, thighs, and works out your abdominal muscles from every side. In fact, your whole body will get some exercise. Reach for a mat, hit the play button, and give your legs a workout you’ve never experienced before.
This workout can exercise your thighs, love handles, and develop your core strength. You can also combine several of the exercises from your home workout or gym routine.


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