7 Best Exercises To Slim Down Your Inner Thighs


The ideal inner-thigh workout — one that blasts fat while building muscle — is hard to come by.  Target the tricky-to-hit inner thigh muscles (and the surrounding ones) with this strengthening and toning workout.

1Side Lunges with a Kettlebell

Stand with your feet together and facing forward, while at the same time holding a kettlebell in front of your body with both arms extended downwards.

Start the exercise by taking by taking a large step to the left with your left leg and keeping your body facing forward. Your left foot can be angled very slightly outward.

Begin the exercise by bending your left knee as if you are sitting back on your left side. Keep bending until your left thigh is parallel to the ground. At the same time that you are sitting back on your left leg, your right leg stays fully extended and straight out to the right side.

Pause for a moment in the down position, then push off your left foot and return to the standing start position. Now shift your body to the right side and repeat the same movement by bending your right leg.



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