7 Exercises That Lift Your Butt Quickly


Whenever somebody mentions the glutes and the whole buttock area, all you will hear in return is ‘squat, you need to squat’. However, squats can get extremely tedious after a while and then we tend to just give up on working this part of our body.

Therefore, the solution is to introduce new exercises to your regime and we have some fantastic suggestions here today.

2Single-Leg Deadlift

With a light pair of dumbbells in hand, stand on your right leg. Slowly, lift your left foot and have your calf parallel to the floor and your two thighs side-by-side. Next, lower your body by bending at the hips until your leg touches the floor or until it becomes uncomfortable. Again, stay in position for a couple of seconds before returning to the starting point. If you find this a little too difficult, forget about the dumbbells for now and concentrate on getting the balance right.



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