8 Outer Thigh Exercises That Really Work


When working out, there seems to be some common problem areas for both men and women alike. For women, it is often the outer thighs which is why we have compiled a list of eight superb exercises that will allow you to target this area. In truth, different people benefit from different exercises so you will have a chance to try them all and see what works for you. When attempting these, remember that consistency is often the most important factor so work out regularly and combine it with a healthy diet.


1Elbow Plank w/ Leg Lift

Of course, the plank is a brilliant (but painful) exercise for the core but you can engage your outer thighs by adding a leg lift. As long as the pelvis is kept high, you will feel the benefit when lifting the top leg. If you haven’t done a side plank before, you simply place one elbow on the floor before then extending both legs out so your body makes a ‘plank’. Since you will be incorporating leg lifts, one side will hold your weight whilst the other lifts. Although it may be tempting, don’t allow yourself to sink into the resting shoulder.



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