8 Outer Thigh Exercises That Really Work


When working out, there seems to be some common problem areas for both men and women alike. For women, it is often the outer thighs which is why we have compiled a list of eight superb exercises that will allow you to target this area. In truth, different people benefit from different exercises so you will have a chance to try them all and see what works for you. When attempting these, remember that consistency is often the most important factor so work out regularly and combine it with a healthy diet.


2Banded Squat Walks

If you have a resistance band, this is a great way to use it and the exercise even prevents damage to the knee. After placing the band around both thighs, drop into a squat position and take two steps each side much like a crab. At all times, there must be resistance in the band. When doing this exercise, the torso should remain stable and the knees bent to prevent injury. If you aren’t doing this, your body will see conflict in certain areas rather than all pulling in the same direction.


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