15 Best Low-Carb Bread Recipes


Going low carb doesn’t mean you need to give up bread for good, and these recipes are ready to prove it.

There are plenty of reasons that people go low carb. Whether you choose to do so for your overall health, for your weight or because of long held allergies, it can be difficult to find the right foods to fit your diet. However, low carb recipes have surged in popularity in recent years, and today innovative cooks around the globe are finding ways to create incredible low carb creations. By using a variety of flours like almond, coconut and even flax seed, these low carb recipes taste just like the original wheat filled recipes they are based on.

Try out these fifteen low carb recipes, and you’ll soon find even your carb hungry friends begging you for a second helping.

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Though these flat rolls were initially made by mistake, their delicious flavor and cute shape have kept them a winning recipe for gluten free people everywhere. These flourless rolls contain almost no carbs and have a spongy, crepe like texture that makes them a great pairing with coffee of breakfast foods. For an extra special treat, top them with whipped cream and fruit!


Flatbread fans will find a lot to like in this simple recipe that packs a powerful nutritional punch. Delicious served as toast, sandwich slices or a heart side dish, this bread dish will be sure to have you reaching for more. Best of all, this flax-heavy recipe is extremely low on carbs.


This longtime breakfast staple item gets a new life when made with almond flour instead. Not only does it produce a low carb bread option, but the almond flour also packs plenty of creamy flavor. Because the oat flour in this recipe makes such a dense loaf, it’s the perfect pairing for your favorite french toast recipe because you can be assured that each piece will stick together like it should.


Most paleo followers feel that they must cut bread completely out of their diets, but for those crazing a hint of carbs, this paleo-friendly recipe is sure to do the trick. Whether you choose to eat it plain or make it into sandwiches is up to you, in any case this bread has a perfect blend of flours and a touch of apple cider vinegar for some tang. Even non paleo people will love it.


Grain free, gluten free and low on sugar, there’s a lot to like about this simple recipe. Yet, somehow it still manages to satisfy your sweet tooth. Perfect for any occasion, this recipe relies on egg whites and apple cider vinegar to keep the moisture levels up, and its quick prep time will ensure you can put a loaf together in no time.


Despite the name, no rye is actually used in this recipe. Instead, it relies on flax seed and caraway seed to get its distinctive flavoring. Toasted sesame seeds also add a hint of texture without overpowering the recipe. Great when used for savory sandwiches, this bread is sure to create many fans.

Nothing beats cooking in cast iron, and this recipe makes it simple to bake a moist, delicious loaf of bred without causing you to count your carbs. A healthy helping of cheese ensures this recipe has plenty of flavor, and the almond and flax flour keep the recipe together without relying on carbs. What’s not to like?


No one can say no to gooey garlic bread for long, and this recipe is a healthy update on the beloved classic. You’ll still get all the goodness of cheese, but almond flour and coconut sugar make up the bulk of the calories instead. This recipe even adds in some yeast, just to make the garlic bread experience even more authentic.


If you’re looking for a simple bread recipe to satisfy any type of bread you need, this recipe provides a great low carb alternative to regular recipes. Like the name implies, all you need are three ingredients (eggs, almond flour and baking powder) to make the magic happen. Simple to make in a second, this bread may soon become your favorite.


Savor the taste of the fall season with this pumpkin spice inspired recipe that relies on coconut flour for flavoring instead of wheat. A satisfying treat during the holiday season, this bread lends itself well to cream cheese desserts and even french toast. Just be sure to double the recipe, it won’t last long!


Creating your favorite sub sandwich gets trickier when you give up gluten, but this recipe makes it easier to enjoy your favorite baguettes again. Relying on almond flour, coconut flour and flax seed, you’ll get plenty of flavor in each loaf. Best of all, this bread holds its form well when used for sandwiches, so you won’t have to worry about crumbs.


The perfect size for mini burgers and sliders, these tasty sesame rolls pack a ton of flavor in their tiny size. Relying on an innovative baking strategy that uses cream cheese and protein powder instead of flour, you’ll be sure to stay full for hours after eating your fill of them.


If you’re sick of snacking on corn-based Mexican foods, this recipe offers a tropical alternative through the use of coconut flour. Simple to make and even quicker to eat, this recipe allows you to experiment with different cooking strategies to get the level of brownness you like best.


For those that like something sweet in the morning, this easy recipe simple can’t be beat. Full of healthy raisins and a powerful punch of cinnamon flavor, this bread makes a great pick me up whenever you find yourself dragging. Melt on a pat of butter, serve to your friends, and no one would ever guess this tasty creation came from a low carb recipe.


Channel your inner child with this tasty, kid-friendly favorite. A subtle peanut butter taste melds itself perfectly with studded berries throughout the loaf, creating a tasty texture that’s anything but overpowering. Simple to make and good to eat; just like your favorite pb&j sandwiches used to be.



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