Low Carb Tortilla Recipe


Tortilla bread is delicious and the uses thereof are endless. Besides making quesadillas and burritos, tortilla bread is used as a thin pizza base topped with toppings of your choice. This recipe allows you to enjoy all the opportunities that tortillas have to offer. It uses both coconut flour and almond flour. Both are high in protein and are free from wheat or other grains. They are also low in sugar and carbohydrates and are gluten-free too. The ground flax seed is rich in fibre, protein and omega-3 and has a wonderfully nutty flavour.


This recipe is extremely simple and easy to make. No kneading or rolling of the dough is required.


  • ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons water

  • 2 eggs

  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

  • 1½ tablespoons coconut flour

  • 2 tablespoons almond flour

  • ½ tablespoon ground flax seed

  • ¼ teaspoon baking powder


  • In a bowl, whisk together the water, eggs and olive oil.

  • In a separate bowl, mix together the coconut flour, almond flour, flax seed and baking powder.

  • Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients while whisking continuously to avoid clumps forming.

  • Using a medium to large frying pan, heat several tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat.

  • Once the oil is hot, pour ¼ cup of batter in the pan while tilting the pan so the batter spreads thinly – as one would do when making crepes.

  • Cook the tortilla for approximately 2 minutes or until it is slightly toasted. Flip the tortilla and cook for a further 2 minutes.

  • Enjoy and use as you wish.


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